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Royalis Investments is the preferred investment partner for passionate entrepreneurs with a profound drive to change the world for good. The current market circumstances for venture capital call for a new breed of venture capital investors, who understand entrepreneurship is the most effective and efficient tool in order to shape the world as we would like to see it. We believe that the investments we make, contribute to a better world. We only invest if we believe that the team and product are scalable enough to progress some of the most important CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) goals. Royalis Investments engages as an active listener and strategic sparring partners who comes alongside, challenges, inspires and leverages expertise.

The last decades the VC and PE industry have progressed into serious drivers of innovation. However, with the growth of the industry negative incentivizing became prevalent and put a serious halt to the horizontal investments needed in order to create an ecosystem in which innovation can flourish.

We all know that the world as we know it is on the precipice of a tipping point. Various reports show that our current resource allocation on a global scale is off. We need to become more innovative in every aspect, else mankind will be forced to make imperfect and unwanted trade-offs in order to protect our way of living.

Entrepreneurship, innovation and education are the most effective tools in order to overcome the global challenges ahead of us. Simply investing money into ventures will surely lead to a sub optimal capital allocation and underperforming portfolios. We believe collaboration across the value chain is needed in order to create lasting global impact, which we deploy in our investment strategy.

Our focus

  • Passionate entrepreneurs, eager to transform the world for good
  • Disruptive and/ or scalable business models
  • Significant social and/ or environmental impact
  • International growth potential
  • Strong team, understandable model, post revenue phase
  • Initial ticket size: €500k – 4mln in multiple investment rounds

What we bring to the table

Patient capital

Strategic & fast thinkers

High-growth company experience

International c-level network

First-mover experience

Digital understanding

Leadership expertise

Network of highly motivated specialists

Our investment strategy

  • We invest in companies that are transforming the world for good.
  • We encourage collaboration across the value chain in order to create lasting global impact.
  • We engage as long term shareholders with no predefined investment horizon. Although growth and profit are important drivers, we aren’t interested in short term capital gain. We focus exclusively on adding authentic long term value.
  • We like to work relational on the basis of trust and accountability without compromising on professionalism.
  • We engage as active listeners who first want to understand. We envisage our role as a strategic sparring partner who comes alongside, challenges, inspires and encourages.
  • We bring an international network of highly motivated specialists.

Some of our investments


About Royalis Investments

Royalis Investments originated late 2015 in a local café, where Bart Kuijpers and Maurits Roose met. Two friends who looked back on what they built. As they reflected on their learning moments, victories and failures, a new challenging thought arose: What can we do together to transform the world for good? Although it took another two and a half years before Royalis Investments saw the light of day, it was clear, then and there, that the different personalities and combined experience would be the beginning of a new venture.

We are very fortunate to have Royalis as trusted investor in our group. Their vision aligns perfectly with our values and together we are making the world a little safer every day!

Their commitment to our mission is incredible!

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