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Royalis Investments catalyzes the growth of visionary companies with our distinctive approach to venture investing. Our patient capital empowers entrepreneurs like you to put long-term value ahead of short-term gains. You can focus on smart scaling and innovation without deadlines driven by oppressive deal terms. Personal attention every step of the way helps you navigate growth proactively and evolve as a leader.

Royalis invests in you and your company early in your journey to becoming market leaders. Scaling your vision and culture across a growing company may be the hardest part of building a winner. As you drive the effort to add customers, hire the best people, and innovate, we’re there to help. Think of us as guides who have overcome similar challenges, having grown a company from 3 people to 4,000.

Our distinctive way of working places companies and entrepreneurs first. That’s possible because, unlike many venture investors, we invest without a predefined exit horizon. You are free to choose the best path without pressure to deliver a return on our schedule. In contrast, many investors force entrepreneurs to groom for a sale after a few years instead of continuing to scale and innovate.

Our promise: We advance together. You build something great as we help make your company a market leader.

Our mission

At Royalis Investments, we’re developing a portfolio of the market leaders of tomorrow. Our mission is to play a supporting role in building the brands that create the future. We foster innovation by helping innovators thrive. Return-driven concerns and timelines take a backseat to continued growth. We’re committed to continually earning entrepreneurs’ trust with transparency and accountability.

What we bring to our partnership with entrepreneurs

Patient capital

Strategic & fast thinkers

High-growth company experience

International c-level network

First-mover experience

Digital understanding

Leadership expertise

Network of highly motivated specialists

Take your company to the next level

Our strategy is to help you and your company achieve full potential. That starts when we meet, as you and our team begin a relationship based on accountability and trust. Our capital provides the fuel you need to ignite growth. But investing capital is only one step. The other is to help you scale smarter and faster.

Our team knows what it’s like to scale a company from an idea—to a few people—to thousands of employees and millions in sales. How can you meet demand without compromising quality? How do you grow rapidly without weakening your team or inviting organizational chaos? How do you get better at listening to your customers? Together, we grapple with challenges like these.

To build momentum, we invest in companies positioned to benefit from our strategy. These companies have the following characteristics:

  • B2B and/or B2B2C focused
  • Ebitda between 1,5 million & 4 million
  • Europe-based, with a vision for global growth
  • Scalable business model

Some of our investments


About Royalis Investments

Late in 2015, Royalis Investments originated in a local café, where Bart Kuijpers and Maurits Roose met. They discovered that they were inspired to address a new challenge: fostering innovations that transform people’s lives and businesses for the better. Both wanted to bring a new kind of venture investing to the Netherlands and Europe. Bart and Maurits knew of innovative companies that were pushed to sell by their investors just as the companies were about to race ahead. The model seemed to encourage a few years of innovation, and then cut the momentum dead. They decided to launch a fund that favored achieving true market leadership over generating returns on a schedule.

Entrepreneurship can be lonely. I wish I had more experienced entrepreneurs beside me when I learned to run and grow the business. “I don’t know” is a great answer. Even if you’re the smartest person in the room, there’s always more you can learn from others who have walked that path before.

We once visited Zappo’s in Las Vegas, so inspiring! That took our customer journey to a whole new level. The most important thing was to really listen to your customers. Eventually they tell you how to improve your company and how you can adjust your service to them the way they like it the most and value the most.

We went from 2 employees to 3.000+ while I was there. It taught me the value of a clear vision, how to scale culture, maintain focus, the importance of crisp communication, and that a leader’s job is to ask the right questions, rather than try and provide all of the answers.

We are very fortunate to have Royalis as trusted investor in our group. Their vision aligns perfectly with our values and together we are making the world a little safer every day!

Royalis brought strategy, scale and personal attention, backing me as a founder to take my company to a whole new global level.

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